Some glasses that Google

Some glasses that Google, the world's first "cost up to $ 1500 in browser", because, as the founder of Netscape will be venture capitalist Mark Anderson (Marc Andreessen) recently put it, another window of Google goggles is basically acts as a gateway to the Internet. However, in the long term, Google will most likely want to user experience for Google goggles can be free from distracting the money oakleys
Google goggles is a software interface called the Mirror of API (mirroring application programming interface), Internet applications, rather than a complete operating system like Android. After you put Google goggles, the user can choose which sites can contribute to the projection on the Google goggles "timeline" (Timeline) to publish oakley sunglasses
. They access a website on Google goggles, and install from there, "glasses". So, developers are allowed to use with image and text, called "cards" (Card) static rectangular page, through the "Google" establishing ties with Google goggles. At present it is not clear whether Google will maintain its long-term "free service" requirement, but according to Google is a free tool like Google search, it becomes a complex and powerful business model, judging the company is likely to be the case.oakley outlet

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