Google Chrome Web store to launch a new search interface

Google Chrome Web store today (Chrome Web Store) has launched a new search interface, users can now select a category at the top of the search results page. Classification is divided into full, applications, extensions, themes, background four broad oakley sunglasses
. In addition to top, each section of the search results you can also click on the upper left corner to switch eyeglasses
Google has been gradually improving the search experience of Chrome Web store. Last July, the online store added a buddies recommendation from Google+, who have been friends "+1" appears in "from your circle" label. New improvements are in the works, can allegedly make application and plug-in access to multi-platform support.oakley outlet
Chrome online store since its launch in 2010 has brought together a large number of developers and thousands of free applications can be said to have a good start, but if Google wants its Chromebook further publicity campaigns, also need to further increase their input.glassespop

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